Business Opportunity


The ideology of the Realter Society Founder is called EGALITARIANISM, which means respect and equal opportunity to all regardless of differences in age, gender, physical features, ethnic origin, political principle, and spiritual beliefs. Interested parties who are ready to sit down and discuss with the Realter Society Founder to explore the possibility may email their Letter of Intent to JohnPetalcorin@Gmail.Com 



· Must be a member of Realter Society.

· A social person who derives happiness in initiating contact with others and reaches out to leaders of other organizations to establish goodwill, friendship, linkage, and partnership that will enhance the Realter Society network.

· Must be enthusiastic and financially ready to start-up residence and work overseas along with family (if any).

· Must have ready Two Million Pesos (P2,000,000) expendable cash to venture for initial set-up of the foreign IPO papers and business permits of the Realter Trademark’s E-commerce Operation in that foreign nation.

· Can speak the domestic language of the chosen foreign nation.



· Realter Society Founder will provide Recommendation to get Investor’s Visa or whatever form of work permit for the Overseas Representative.

· Realter Society Founder will set-up the foreign IPO papers and business permits that will enable Realter Trademark Operation in that foreign nation.

· Realter Society Founder will provide E-commerce-enabled website.

· Overseas Representative will be entitled to generous percentage share of the fruits of Trademark Operation, with a guaranteed income of P0.50 a day multiplied by the number of Realter Society Registrants in that nation.

· Period of Contract is ten years or whenever Realter Trademark registration is due for renewal.


The incumbent will serve as National Officer, Ambassador of Goodwill, Chief Executive Officer, and Trademark Guardian of Realter Society in that foreign nation.

The Realter Society Founder is looking for Filipino citizens who want to seize the business opportunity to become the Overseas Representative of the Realter Society in any nation of choice.