Types of Realters

Any person, anywhere around the world, regardless of nationality, who considers oneself as a professional practitioner of any of these various types of real estate services, may register in Realter Society to be extended with the right to use the patented  Rltr® professional title before his/her name.

Official Declaration of:
Rltr. John R. Petalcorin

Founder, Realter Society

BUILDERS. Realters who plan and coordinate the construction of  massive projects such as condominiums and subdivisions; including Developers[2], Architects[1], Interior Designers[1], and condominium/subdivision Project Development Consultants[1].

VALUERS. Realters who provide expert valuation of real estate; including Appraisers[1] who render expert opinion on fair market value for sale or lease purposes, and Assessors[4] who provide expert opinion on value of real estate for government taxation purpose.

DOCUMENTERS. Realters who provide services in real estate documentation; Liaison Officers; Publishers of real estate print or online classified ads; Photographers who specialize in capturing real estate images for advertising purposes; and Public Notaries who specialized in real estate documents.

SCHOLARS. Realters who are full-time students, at their graduating/senior year towards finishing a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree,or PHD in Real Estate Service, Marketing, Valuation, Finance, Development, Management.


FINANCIERS. Realters who provide financing to real estate ventures. This includes independent and corporate Investors such as Real Estate Investment Trusts REITs[3]; including Mortgagees who loan funds for real estate mortgage purposes.

AGENTS. Realters who earn commission, overprice, or professional fee as middle-agents who bridge the transaction between buyers and sellers or lessors and lessees; including sales and/or lease Brokers[1,2]Salespersons[1,2], Referral Agents, Buyer Agents, Exclusive Buyer Agents; including Auctioneers of bank-foreclosed or government-acquired properties.

DEALERS. Realters who specialize in buying properties for the purpose of selling them for a profit as Dealers[2]; including Short Sellers who specialize in buying and selling properties that are still bound by loan or mortgage, and For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO).

ADMINISTRATORS. Realters who manage the Administration of condominium and subdivision homeowners associations; General Managers of hotels, resorts, and Golf and Country Clubs; including Property Managers and court-appointed Estate Administrators.

REGISTRARS. Realters in the government sector who hold incumbent position as National or Regional Directors of Registry of Deeds[4] and government depository of real estate titles.

EDUCATORS. Realters who provide real estate education, seminars, teaching, training, coaching, counseling services; including consumer advocates who specialize in real estate.

ATTORNEYS. Realters who specialize as legal appointees of  another person to act as agent (Attorney-in-fact) in a real estate transaction.

For Philippine Members:
[1]- Regulated by PRC
[2]- Regulated by HLURB

[3]- Regulated by SEC

[4]- Government Officer