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Q: How do we verify if a user of a Rltr title is registered in Realter Society? 

A: Realter Society does not publish the list of registrants because it contains personal identity information that must be kept private for security reasons, but you will notice that Realter Society members are using Rltr title before their names in their ID card, calling card, letterhead, websites, sometimes in their names in their accounts in social networking sites, and in the documents they sign. If in doubt, to verify if a Rltr title-bearer is a genuine member of Realter Society, simply contact the Realter Society Founder by email and provide the personal data about the individual. Realter Society opposes plagiarism of patent and even files copyright infringement cases to unauthorized users of Realter and Rltr® professional titles. The law on Patents allows the copyright owner to recover instead of actual damages and profits, an award of statutory damages, for all infringement involved in an action the sum equivalent to the filing fee of the infringement action but not less than P50,000. Rewards will be given to informants whenever infringement case succeed.


Q: How is REALTER different from REALTOR®? What is their common denominator

A: The Trademarks IPO Registrations of REALTOR® and RLTR REALTER SOCIETY are separate and different from each other. REALTOR® (pronunciation: realtwor; take note that REALTOR without an S) and its R REALTOR logo is IPO registered under Trademark Reg. No. 42007005940, as a Collective Mark of members (domestic and international) of National Association of Realtors of the United States of America (NAR-USA), and its officially patented manner of use is as a LABEL for exclusive use of their members. 


On the other hand, REALTER, its abbreviation, Rltr®, (pronunciation: rē(-ə)l-tər), its logo, and its website address, are IPO registered under Trademark Reg. No. 42011990441 as a Service Mark ( ), and its officially patented manner of use is as PROFESSIONAL TITLE and LABEL of realty practitioners worldwide who are members of the Realter Society.


RLTR and REALTOR® differ in terms of membership fees. The REALTOR® charges PhP6.50/day to its international members at an annual renewal period. On the other hand, the Realter Society only charges PhP2.00/day at a long-term period that is co-terminus and renewable upon expiration of the Trademark Registration. While REALTER and RLTR can be used officially as professional titles, the REALTOR® on the other hand is not registered to be used as a professional title, but just a plain label/mark on the products and services of the members of NAR-USA. REALTOR® can never be used as a professional title in real estate service affairs because it will overlap or infringe the officially patented manner of use of the  REALTER and RLTR®.  Another critical difference between REALTOR® and Realter Society is that the former competes with the professional services of its members, while the latter does not.

The common characteristic of REALTOR
® and REALTER is that their respective patents are both under the same class (Real Estate Affairs) in the Trademarks Registry of Intellectual Property Office, and both operate globally. 



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