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Q: As registrants of Realter Society, can we still use our own Realty Business Name and Logo? Does Realter Society compete with our realty business and respective organizations?

A: Realter Society is designed solely as  REGISTRY of the Rltr® title users. Realter Society does NOT offer real estate products (such as house, lots, condo units, burial lots, etc.) nor services (such as agency, appraisal, build consultancy, etc.). Realter Society has no intention to compete with the respective businesses and organizations of its individual members. Members, in their individual capacity as real estate professionals, are the ones who offer real estate products and services, not Realter Society. Realter Society members can freely download and use Realter logo alongside with their own realty business name and logo.

Q: As registrants of the Realter Society, can we use the Realter Society Logo to produce our own wearable products such as t-shirt, jacket, car stickers, banners, and calling cards?

A: Yes. The only insignia products that will be produced exclusively by the Realter Society, which are only available upon request, are the Lapel Pin and uploaded Membership Certificate. Members can download and use the Realter logo to design and produce their own ID cards, calling cards, banners, mugs, t-shirt, jackets, hats, etc.


Q: Does Realter Society extend patent license to organizations? Is the patent for sale?  How long is the standard ownership period legally allowed for patents?

A: Yes.  Realter Society is open to the possibility of entering into a negotiated contract to extend its patent license to legitimate real estate service (a) individual practitioners, (b) organizations and associations, (c) colleges and universities, (d) regulating bodies of government, (e) development and marketing companies, and (f) Overseas Representatives. The Rltr® Trademark is also for sale (absolute deed of sale) and is offered in the Patent Market. Proposals are welcome; the terms and conditions are negotiable. Ownership to any patent starts at registration date (in Rltr’s registration, it is 9/28/2012), and lasts a lifetime plus 50 years.


Q: As a new terminology, how should REALTER and RLTR® be defined in the dictionary

A: REALTER. Definition: [A patented service mark. Pronunciation: \rē(-ə)l-tər, rē-al-tər\. Abbreviation: Rltr.. Plural: Realters. Verb intransitive: Realteer. Verb present participle: Realteering. Verb past participle: Realteered] Referring to real estate service practitioners who are registered in Realter Society and given extension of license by its patent owner. Realter and its abbreviation Rltr are exclusively used as professional titles before the names of members of Realter Society worldwide.


Q: Unlike the titles of other professions that are given for free, why is REALTER and RLTR® copyrighted with user-fees?  

A: Use of Realter [Rltr] title is privately regulated to ensure that only those who are really and actually working in the real estate sector who are included in the Types of Realters get the right to use and enjoy the title and the privileges associated with it. The Realter [Rltr] title has to be earned, no one can easily pay for it without reason, the user must be a real estate professional. If you are a Real Estate student, you can only earn the title when you reach your graduating or senior year. The user fee is implemented and kept at minimal level to ensure that the copyright is protected, the registry books are protected, the regulatory mechanism is enforced, awards are peer-reviewed, and the rights and privileges of members are served.


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