Answers to FAQs


Q: What added-value do Realter Society registrants get?

A: Realter Society registrants get the following rights: (1) the right to use the patented Realter and Rltr professional titles and logo, (2) the right to enjoy the award policy of Realter Society, and (3) the right to use exclusive insignia products of Realter Society.


When you see “Rev.” before a person’s name, you would immediately know that that person is a religious clergy. In the similar manner, a person with a “Rltr.” title before his/her name need not explain too much that he/she is a professional practitioner in the real estate sector. The Rltr title bearer enjoys the automatic public perception that he/she is a real estate service practitioner.


Rltr title operates like a powerful slogan; it is short, easily said, catchy, and has quick recall factor. Since it is a new title, it triggers curiosity, it becomes a conversation starter, then it can boil down to customer inquiry that may open up a wide door of business opportunities for the Realter.


Q: Are registrants of the Realter Society licensed professional practitioners?

A: Realter Society is global — it is impossible to apply one rule on licensing and registration to all. The Founder defines the term Professional Practitioner as a service provider who does it for a living (for a fee). Compliance to gov’t licensing (initial or renewal), as required by law (governing a particular territory), is a personal responsibility of the member in relation to his/her gov’t; and it is neither a factor that will determine the onset, nor the suspension, nor termination of a person’s membership in Realter Society. Realters come from a wide variety of Member Types. Some types are required by law to have license to practice, but some are not. For example, in the Philippines, the salespersons, brokers, appraisers, assessors, and project development consultants are regulated by the PRC and dealers and developers by the HLURB. However, some types, and in some territories, does not require gov’t license. Some Realters are engaged on multiple types of realty services, some make money by merely referring clients and customers to fellow Realters, and this practice is generally unregulated worldwide.


Q: Does Realter Society have its own Professional Code of Ethics?

A: Realter Society is global — it is impossible to harmonize the real estate practitioners in the whole world under the same Code of Ethics. Nevertheless, Realter Society members are individually responsible to follow the Code of Ethics (if any) in business and practice in their own respective organizations. Realter Society is more on positive reinforcement by giving awards to its registrants who are appreciated by their clients, customers, and fellows. The core values of Realter Society are Reliability and Loyalty to clients, Fairness and Honesty to Customers, and Due-Diligence in all transactions.


Q: What does Realter Society do to public complaints against any of its members?

A: Regulating agencies of government and the organizations of the registrants are still the most appropriate handler of complaints. However, in Realter Society, we have anomaly case studies, peer-to-peer counseling, and procedural reform advocacies, that could help the registrants improve and prosper.

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